Enterprise Cloud VM Plans added to our product line offering

Our current Dedicated Cloud provides the essential features to develop, launch and scale web and mobile applications. Dedicated Cloud uses powerful Intel E5 processors and 15k SAS file system architected on Supermicro ZFS SAN Server.

Flexible to run SmartOS, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Linux or Windows operating systems.

In addition to that, today we introduce Enterprise Cloud VM. Enterprise Cloud VM comes with a tremendous increased power- Twelve (12) cores of Intel E5 processor, Enterprise SAS SAN Server with SSD-Cache SAN Server for performance.

Enterprise Cloud is aimed at delivering consistent performance across a wide range of loads and can handle unpredictable usage patterns of today’s demanding intensive apps.

Pricing start from $40 for US, EU zones, and $50 for APAC zones.

Checkout our homepage to order :)

New Data Center to serve EU location

I’m pleased to announce that in addition to US (West), San Jose Datacenter, Asia (Singapore) Datacenter, we are now officially launch Datacenter to serve EU traffic from Amsterdam. Its operated by evoswitch AMS1. You can try the test speed link: download here

In addition you also can try to ping the IP:, please open support ticket to contact us, we could help you to migrate your VM.

We have launched!

Cloudiro is Start Up Company launched in October 2012, as a cloud hosting company will give 24/7 technical support and guarantee Uptime 99.99% as our hosting standard.

Cloudiro has been in development for over 3 months. We are happy to announce that we are taking orders as of today, January 1st, 2013.
If you have any questions or comments, please email us support@cloudiro.com.

For US customers, pricing start with $30, For Asia-Pacific (APAC) customers, pricing start with $40. Starter VM Node is available for your staging Cloud, for a cheaper alternative.

Our Cloud VM management and provisioning takes place through an intuitive UI. We offer the best value for quality cloud solutions.